Go beyond backup. Go full system continuity.

It doesn’t matter if your business is a local non-profit or a multi-billion dollar giant, lost data can be devastating for both you and your clients. Our managed backup and disaster recovery plans provide business continuity, disaster recovery and data backup solutions regardless of your organization’s size. With a mixture of image-based backups, a hybrid cloud-based model and just a dash of our own secret recipe, we enable businesses to recover entire systems in a matter of minutes. Pretty cool, huh?

Both our Wendego Protect and Wendego Fortify plans include on-site backup, off-site backup, message-level Exchange recovery, Granular SharePoint Recovery, and restore to dissimilar devices.

Customers that choose our Fortify plan will also receive on-site data continuity/virtualization and cloud continuity/virtualization. With a full year of data retention.

Wendego Continuity Wendego Protect Wendego Fortify
On-Site Backup Yes Yes
Off-Site Backup Yes Yes
Message-level Exchange Recovery Yes Yes
Granular SharePoint Recovery Yes Yes
Restore to Dissimilar Devices Yes Yes
On-Site Data Continuity & Virtualization No Yes
Cloud Continuity & Virtualization No Yes
On-Site Appliance Included Included
Laptop, Desktop, Server Protection Per Device Unlimited
Monthly Service Cost Call Call
One-Time Appliance Cost Call Call
Off-Site Storage Included in Plan 1TB 1TB
Additional Monthly Off-Site Storage Cost Call Call

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