Wendego Mobile
Device Management

Don’t be afraid of your toys.

Your business uses a small army of devices designed to make your life easier, but sometimes the administration headache doesn’t feel worth it. Thankfully, managing mobile devices is no longer an administrative nightmare thanks to our Device Management service. This service enables businesses to easily achieve mobility by providing the easiest, most efficient way to view and manage all devices from a central console. Enroll devices in your environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air and secure mobile devices with one, easy to use platform. After all, what’s the fun of having them if you don’t use them?

We offer two different managed Mobile Device Management plans:

Mobile Device Management Basic Plan Advanced Plan
Single Management Console Yes Yes
Automated Enrollment Yes Yes
Enforce Corporate Security Policies Yes Yes
Device Commands and Messaging Yes Yes
GPS Tracking Yes Yes
Inventory Reports Yes Yes
Terms of Use No Yes
Automated Compliance No Yes
Organization Groups – Enhanced Security & Segmentation No Yes
Advanced Activity Reports and Analytics No Yes
Mobile Application Management No Optional
Mobile Content Management No Optional
Base Cost Per Device Per Month Call Call

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